Sunday, June 28, 2009

story ilustrations-Ilustraciones cuento juvenil

These are the drawings I've finished for a story.(just ignore the page numbers,they are completely wrong).Hope you like it!
La ilustración juvenil es otro de los estilos que estoy experimentanto este mes (No sigais los numeros que no coinciden con el orden).
¡Espero que guste!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Children's short story-Cuento infantil

Este es mi primer cuento infantil, espero que os guste.Habría sido más largo pero solo tuve una semana.

OK, this is my first children's tale. It's simple but i only had a week!
So, i know this is in Spanish,here's the translation:
"Charlie's apple"
page 1: Charlie went away on an excursion to the neighbors back garden, he was mesmerized by the gorgeous apples. There was just one rule: Every garden had to have a different fruit tree. Charlie had always dreamt about apples.
page 2:He brought the apple home, looking at it with pride while he passed his dull orange trees.He had a lot of plans for this apple.
page 3:Charlie didn't expect to have to save his juicy friend from the dangers of a domestic home. It was a daily adventure to keep it safe.
page 4: It was bed time and Charlie had managed to keep it safe once again, now it was tucked in, looking smug at the garden orange trees.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Zeus' kids-Hijos del zeus..

The possible candidates to be Zeus' kids made me remember the "lightning scar"...suppose they are related.. Harry's new adventure?
Pensando en los posibles candidatos a los hijos de Zeus me acordé de esa cicatriz tan famosa...y bueno, puede que sean primos ¿no? Que os parece, ¿harry potter comienza una nueva aventura?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

quality time....momentos valiosos

This is an idea that came up when i was asked to draw entertwained figures. I wanted to go for something that didn't necesarilly have to be lovers and ended up with this little piece(yes, i know MORE children, but i just can't help myself!)...i had a cute moment colouring this in...hope you like it..

Esta es una idea que surgió cuando me pidieron que dibujara figuras entrelazadas para un ejercicio de clase. Quería intentar hacer algo que no fuese necesariamente una escena entre amantes o guerreros asique terminé haciendo esto(lo sé, MAS niños, que le vamos a hacer, ¡me encantan!). He tenido una tarde muy divertida coloreando este dibujo, espero que guste.

Monday, June 8, 2009


Ok this is my first caricature of I know there are no photos of me on this site, you'll just have to trust the comments (if there are any..)

Vale esta es mi primera caricatura, se supone que soy yo, ya se que no hay fotos mías para poder comparar pero supongo que habrá que confiar en los comentarios de la gente que me conoce (si hay alguno jeej..)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Some like it quick!-"con plumas y a lo loco"

Ok i've taken two weeks to upload stuff but it just been a crazy two weeks..
Bueno dos semanas desaparecida..